Deserted Eyes

from by Oh.



DESERTED EYES - A ethereal and epic journey into the depths of the heart.

Dynamic and rhapsodic vocals summon forth the soul. Penetrate deeply into the inner darkness.

The narrator of the epic verse is a melodious and warm piano which is enveloped by softly beating drums which reluctantly release into turbulent and thunderous revelations while violin crescendos announce the sage-like proclamations for ecstatic surrender.

The song takes the listener beyond the vicissitudes of relationship and love - beyond the criteria of reciprocity and togetherness.

It casts a light on the individual within the relationship rather then the relationship itself. Expressing how one's state of mind — if left unchecked and allowed to settle too long in dark and despondent moods —eventually wears away at the soul of the other — casting an immutable spell unwittingly upon the one you love.

Like water wearing away at stone - so affected by your state of mind, the eyes of your beloved - are left void - the soul having abandoned not only their body but their own dreams and aspirations as well.

Is there a way to reverse the spell?

Watch and listen to this epic tale.

DESERTED EYES is a music journey by progressive art rock multi-instrumentalist Oh.

Note: Though it isn’t streaming here yet – I will send you (asap*) a Vimeo onDemand promo code to watch the music video for free.

This way you and only you, will be able to hear the song “RIGHT NOW” before it is released by watching the video.

(*within 24 hours)


Selfish tears
Broke your shields
How could I
Mad by all
Led you on
Deserted Eyes

Dreams you hail, hear
My despair no
Can't charm that perfect spell

Fall Fall on me now
Fall Fall on me now

Haunted by dreams of mine
Shadowed and vain
Wronged by all
Led me on
Deserted Eyes

Fall Fall on me now
Fall Fall on me now


from Deserted Eyes, released January 19, 2018


all rights reserved



Oh. Greece

Oh. is a progressive rock and metal multi-instrumentalist and composer

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